First Day of 2nd semester, 3rd Year

First Day of the 2nd semester as a 3rd year nursing student

Orthopedic NursingWelcome to 2nd semester, the most expensive and demanding semester of all. This semester, we will be learning about Orthopedic Nursing and Mental Health. I will post materials on here relating to these subjects as I progress throughout the semester under “Campus Life” for anyone who is interested.

This semester is very demanding because students must pass Orthopedic and Mental Health in order to have affiliation in Manila. Nursing Affiliation is an rewarding experience for nursing students in the Philippines. It is basically a clinic rotation at a specialize hospital that is more advance and have the most updated machines.

It is the most expensive semester also because each student must PAY a large sum of money to attend this affiliation program. Unlike the states where we go to our affiliate hospitals for FREE, in the Philippines, everything has a price. Over Price is the correct term. The College never tell the student how much affiliation will cost until the week of orientation to prevent scaring away the students. Clever eh? Get as much money as possible and then some more.

Rumor has it that my upcoming affiliation will cost a whopping 100,000 Peso. yes, you read it correctly. That is one with five zeros behind it. In dollar terms, it is roughly about $2500 for a month, which covers boarding, transportation, food. Expensive? You bet.

I will be keeping you guys updated on my experience when the time comes, so stay tuned.