Pigar Pigar and Drinking Party at Pawsome

Pigar Pigar, anyone?

Pigar Pigar Grace and I been wanting to try out some Pigar-Pigar for quite sometime now; So we hit the road to Dagupan City — known for it’s very famous Pigar-Pigar. Here, you can find many vendors that can cater to your taste buds.

Made from deep-fried carabeef,  mixed with cabbages and white onions, and seasoned with salt and pepper; the name Pigar-Pigar actually originates from the local term, to turn over. As in to turn the meat strips over and over again while being deep-fried. 

We ordered 1/2 kilo of Pigar-Pigar at 420 peso / kilo ($10.50) and some drinks. The price include rice and soup. The taste of the meat dip in calamansi and soy sauce was awesome. Perfect thin slice of meat – not too small that it melts in your mouth, but just the right size. Very flavorful and Masarap. The service was great since the server always attend to our needs. The place is not exactly an indoor restaurant, but more of a outdoor eatery. Overall, great experience. Not bad for 250 peso for two people.

We got invited to a small get together drinking party to celebrate Grace’s cousin on becoming a veterinarian, so we order a quarter as take out.


Pawsome is Awesome…

We went back to San Carlos City to meet up with the buddies. Our spontaneous chosen location so happen to be at PAWsome Pets Veterinary Clinic and Supply. during non-working hours. There, Dr. Glenn, treated everyone to a bottle of hard liquor Tequila and bottles of Heineken as chasers accompanied by Pulatan or finger food and Pigar Pigar. Dr. Bev and Dr. Win provided the shelter above our heads and a place to enjoy this moment. Thanks Docs!

After hours of drinking, talking, and bonding, Dr. Glenn treated everyone out for more Pigar Pigar at a nearby 24-hour eatery called Almo Chow located in the old public market just to sober up a bit at 3 am in the morning. However, this Pigar Pigar did not come close to the Famous Dagupan Pigar Pigar, unfortunately. This Pigar Pigar tasted rough, chewy, and not as fresh. In other words, the meat have been frozen prior to cooking. Whereas, the Pigar Pigar in Dagupan is never to be frozen. Nonetheless, it did the job. Salamat po Dr. Glenn.


“PAWsome pets deserves PAWsome Care”

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