Candles, Bowling, Shakey’s Pizza Parlor

What did you do today, Kuya Alex?

Since tomorrow is going to be a special holiday, called “All Saints Day”, Grace and I decided to go shopping for candles and laundry misc. If you visit Philippines often or if you do plan on living here, you will notice that there are many many many holidays. Special Holidays, President’s Day, you name it, they might have it. All Saint Day is like Halloween in the States. Instead of normally trick-or-treating and wearing scary costumes, families go visit their love ones at their graves. It happen once a year on Nov 1.

so, I woke up around 11am and got ready to start my day. I had my lunch at a local canteen called 3 sister’s canteen. My orders were chicken adobo and string beans with rice. On the other hand, Grace ordered the Fried Chicken and chopsuey with rice. The meals accompanied by a 1.5 liter Pepsi cost about 110 peso or $2.50. Not bad at all. A meal like this would cost about $8.50 in the states

Foreigner Shopping with Kuya Alex

I guess she didn’t see me.

We decided to go to our usual spot in Dagupan City – Lucao City Mall, about 35km north of San Carlos City.  The candles we bought aren’t the special one that cost 200 or more a pop or $5 and up. We got a few couple of 20 peso (50 cents) candles for the grandparents and we got the cheaper ones at 40 peso for 2 dozen for friends and other relatives. All in all, the total add up to 120 peso.

While there, we decided to do some shopping at the department store since we are running out of laundry soap, snacks, and groceries. After about 25 minutes of shopping and about 30 minutes standing in line, we finally got checkout. Knowing I don’t want to carry a 60kg box around the mall, I check the box into the storage counter. If you stay or live in the Philippines for over a month, you will know there is no such thing as “lines”. There will be people cutting you and pushing your cart away if your not watching it. So babysit your shopping cart very carefully.

There were nothing good to see at the cinema so we browse the mall for a while and went to try out the new bowling center they have. We played 3 games and it cost about 250 pesos or $6 bucks with free shoe rentals. It is the same setup as in the states, but smaller. They also have pool tables where you pay per a game. No, they don’t have laser tag, video game systems, and snack bars like the States, sorry.

It is Shakey's time Kuya Alex

It is Shakey’s time Kuya Alex

For dinner, we decided to go to Shakey’s – Pizza Parlor to fulfill a promise made 8 months ago. If you must know, a Filipino will never forget a promise. We have a friend that works there and she have been asking us to sign up for the Shakey’s Reward Super Card. So, we signed up. With this reward card, you get 1 point for every 100 peso spent. You get two free pizzas and 1.5 liter soda with every order. One free pizza is the same size as the pizza you ordered and the other free pizza is a regular size manager’s choice. Great deal, but there is a down size to this. What is that Kuya Alex? You can’t eat at the pizza parlor and you must order it as a take out. Not only that, the price is different if you compare the menu price to the reward card price, a whole 100 peso difference, depending if you get thin crust or hand toss. But it is okay since it is almost broke even anyway. As always, they will tell you that hand toss is not available, and only thin crust is available (the much cheaper option), due to the fact that we are getting two extra free pizzas…you get my point? We ordered the Large Size Bacon All Meat Lovers Pizza as our main. Our Large Free pizza is the Hawaiian Ham Pizza. Our Regular Free Pizza is the Manager’s Choice.

All Meat Lovers

Shakey’s All Meat Lovers

Shakey's Hawaiian Pizza

Shakey’s Hawaiian Pizza

Shakey's Manager Choice

Shakey’s Manager Choice


Since we had too much pizza just for two, we invited our friend to eat with us at the mall’s food court since it was already her break time. Those pizzas are good, but Yellow Cab is better.

#Stay tuned for more updates. thanks for reading#