Enrollment for 3rd Year, 2nd Semester

What did you do today, Kuya Alex?

Enrolling for 3rd Year, 2nd semester

Since it is the end of the 3rd Year, 1st semester, I decided to go school to check my grades after I had my lunch at a nearby Canteen. I have passed all my subjects but I could of done a lot better. The only person I am blaming is myself for not meeting my personal expectations. I have been very stressed out and lacking a lot of focus. For those who follow my blogs, you already know. Anyway, I personally like to take care everything at once if it is possible. So, since I am already on campus and at the College of Nursing Department, I decided to enroll in classes for next semester, two weeks ahead of schedule. I added the required subjects. Since I already have some courses accredited from the States, I am only taking a total of 15 units instead of 26 units. 

In the Philippines, or at least at my University, the enrollment process go by steps. Some steps are more painful than other steps. What do you mean by steps, Kuya Alex? Well, unlike the states, where students can enroll online and pay for their books and tuition online that only take 5 minutes or less, in the Philippines, the enrollment process can take 4 hours or more! Yes, 4 hours! Even Days, sometimes. Due to the lack of technology, the enrollment process goes by steps.

What are the steps, Kuya Alex?

Step 1: Before paying for your tuition, you must go to your College to meet with the secretary. The secretary will make sure that you have passed all your subjects from the previous semester and make sure that grades are encoded. Once everything is verified, the Dean of the College must sign off the enrollment form. If the Dean is busy, the waiting game begins. What if the Dean is not there, Kuya Alex? That is too bad, you have to come back another day..

Step 2: You go to the University Registrar for another around of the the verification process. You can’t pay tuition without the University Registrar signature. If he is  busy, you have three options – You wait, You Leave, You jump off the bridge. Haha, I am just joking about the third option, but the wait time does kill you if you have other things to do. What if the University Registrar is not there, Kuya Alex? That is too bad, you have to come back another day.

Step 3: Congratulations, you made it to step 3. Now you get to join the long lines if your a late bird trying to enroll in classes just like everyone else. If your an early bird like me, you skip the line madness.  Unfortunately, this step involves money. It may or may not hurt your wallet depending on the amount of your College Tuition.  Once you paid your tuition, you get a copy of a receipt. But you think it is over? Nope, Sorry, your not enrolled yet…

Step 4: If you made it this far, it is better to just take it all the way to the end! Guess what, another line to get your Enrollment Form and to be”Officially Enrolled”. Another verification process. Unlike the other processes I mentioned earlier, this process is different. What is that Kuya Alex? This process is to make sure you pay the tuition! Once you finally reach the window, you hand in the copy of your receipt and your student ID, your student ID number is entered into the computer. If you don’t have your Student ID, too bad, you stood in line for nothing. Either you go get it and wait in line all over again or simply drop out of school. Unfortunately, those are the only options. If you do have your student ID, Good…Your details pop up on the computer screen showing that you paid your tuition. After you give them your amazing autograph on a piece of paper they handed you, another signature is signed on that same paper by the enrollment officer. Finally, your Enrollment Form is printed and you get stamped “Officially Enrolled”. Meaning to say, Your Officially Enrolled. Yehey!!! So is that all the steps, Kuya Alex? No. There is more.

Step 5: Now, on the Enrollment Form, there are required signatures that need to be obtained from other departments on campus in order to get a Semester Sticker to put on your Student Id Card. Without the signatures, you can’t get your sticker. You need to hop on to the University Clinic across campus. Next, to the University Library to make sure you don’t owe any book fees on the opposite side of campus. Next, off to the Educational Media Center to make sure you return everything you borrowed. Finally, off to the Students Affairs Office to get your sticker across from the library. What if the person in charge of that department isn’t there, Kuya Alex? You come back another day, Stickerless. At least you will be avoid all those lines! Without the Sticker, you can’t enter the campus. Upside to the sticker? 25% discount on the bus fare!

Moral of the story? You be prepared!

Even being prepared did not save me time. After about 1 hour and half later due to technical difficulties and many obstacles, I decided to cool off by going to a milk tea shop – Mang Cha-a just right across from the University in the newest building in town. Aside from my usual Blueberry Milk Tea, I decided to change up my taste by ordering the Dynamint milk tea which cost about 55 peso or $1.25 without sinkers for a regular size.  It was pretty yummy. After about 30 minutes of enjoyment, I was itching for some street barbecue. I hop on my scooter and there I go. About a block down, I found one. I order two sticks for cut up pork and three sticks of chicken internals. After about 7 minutes of cook time, I dip them in their special vinegar sauce. I accompanied it with a Buko juice drink. Not bad for about 40 peso or 90 cents.

So, How was your day, Kuya Alex? Problematic