First Aid Practice Enhancement Program for Thesis Completion

How was your day, Kuya Alex?

I woke up with very bad neck and shoulder pain this morning. Each time I try to reach my nose to the ceiling, it felt like i’m being stab due the intensity of the pain. You see, I was working late last night filling in last minute orders for my online e-commerce customers, so I probably just knocked out in a very bad position. I don’t remember even shutting down the computer.

Enhancement Program

Today, My research group and I had our First Aid Practice Enhancement Program for Barangay Health Workers in Rural Health Unit 1 in which consist of 16 barangays. It is the final phase of our Thesis. It is basically a lecturer on First Aid Practice. I was amazed how many of Barangay Health Workers showed up since we did not receive any text messages regarding reservations. Total of 32. Not bad for last minute invitations, which was handed out the day before. Good Work team!


We started our program with a little wake up dance utilizing the overhead projector. It is pretty cool how most of them just join in without a problem. Just go with the flow, if you will. Next, we break the ice and interact with the Barangay Health Workers by playing a little game called “Bring me…” initiated by my fellow research mate, Sheila. The game basically ask someone to bring something on request. For example, “Bring me a peso”…The first person who give it to the requester is the winner. One of the “bring me” that surprised everyone, including myself, was the request of a $1, yes, a one dollar bill. A Barangay Health Worker actually have one in her purse. What a Lucky Dollar. There were 5 winners over all, each won 50 peso. Not bad for a game while waiting for our First Aid lecturer to arrive.

After about 15 minutes, our First Aid lecturer arrived. While the Barangay Health Workers are busy listening to the lecture, my research team are busy preparing the table to place snacks and lunches on. Our first delivery of snacks arrived at 9:30am from the local canteen. It is basically Chicken Pansit with vegetable on top with a softdrinks. Not bad for a 35 peso combo meal, which is like 75 cents. We handled out the snacks at 10am.

After 30 minutes of break time, our First Aid Lecturer began demonstrations. These demonstrations show how to handle a broken limp, wound care, how to cover a wound, CPR, All different type of carry such as the Lovers Carry and the Fireman Carry. Unfortunately, our package did not include role-playing, practice, and return demonstrations for the Barangay Health Workers, but i’m sure that enjoy watching the Lecturer demonstrated all these techniques by borrowing one of my research mates. Demonstrations lasted about an hour and half.

Lunch was delivered at 11:30am from the same local canteen. It is a budget meal containing one piece of fried chicken over rice with a side of vegetable chop suey along with a softdrink. Total cost per a meal was about 55 peso or $1.25. As the Barangay Health Workers enjoy their meals, my research team is busy printing out Certificate of Participation.

At around 12:30pm, we finally hand out certificates to all the participants of our First Aid Practice Enhancement Program. Our research leader, Gladys, give the closing remarks. Pictures were taken. Thanks were said. Our Enhancement program finally came to an end. We give ballpens to everyone as they left as a small token of their participation. Our Total Budget: 12000 peso

Despite my neck and shoulder pain…I survived.

It turned out to be a major success.



  • gladys

    nice alex…keep it up.

  • Kuya Alex

    Thank you bossy…=)